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    [Game] Ununicum

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    [Game] Ununicum Empty [Game] Ununicum

    Post  The Hamburger on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:43 pm

    [Game] Ununicum Ununicum_t

    [Game] Ununicum Ununicum The
    most original colour-matching 'puzzle' game since Panel de Pon was
    released on Super Famicom. Rather than moving individual blocks, the
    entire playfield is shifted orthogonally, with 'grounded' pieces
    remaining in place.
    Takes some mental acrobatics initially, but soon it all seems clearer and you can start planning more than one move ahead.
    that Tonypa's website design only allows linking to his start page.
    Click the name to play. Many of his other games are also great.

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