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    [Game] Cursor*10

    The Hamburger
    The Hamburger
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    The Supreme Hamburger

    [Game] Cursor*10

    Post  The Hamburger on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:12 pm


    The ultimate flash game.
    A novel mechanic, rarely seen before, implemented with loads of personal style.
    It can be completed in 5 minutes. There's the potential for confusion so it may be 10 or so. Certainly short.
    asks us to approach things from a new perspective, yet the control
    system is ridiculously simple (move the cursor to move the cursor;
    click to click).
    A small amount of mental and physical ability are asked for; an incredible amount of satisfaction ensues.
    only fear is that there are finite ideas like this in the world. I wish
    it could be longer, but its sweetness is only increased by the brevity.

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