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    >Fan-Fiction< Jack's Nasty Plan 1/2

    >Fan-Fiction< Jack's Nasty Plan 1/2 Empty >Fan-Fiction< Jack's Nasty Plan 1/2

    Post  Touya Meijin on Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:16 am

    Again another Fan fiction writen by me and copied from the group to entertain here. (Note I am only posting the ones I made.)

    *In the boys dorm at night time*

    Jack: Psssst... Pigsley, Dante, Horace, Ralph, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The other boys: WAAA!

    Ralph: What is it Jack?

    Dante: ???

    Pigsley: Are we gonna make cookies again Jack?

    Jack: No we are not. Go tell the girls to come to the boys dorm.

    Pigsley: OK.

    *After several Minuts later*
    *The girls come in the boys dorm*
    Jack: Good job Pigsley.

    Ivy: What is it Jack?

    Eloise: Pigsley was running up and down in the hall screaming something about making cookies.

    Iris: We knew Jack had something to do with this so we came here.

    Jack: Pigsley..... Nevermind. At least you guys are here.

    Pigsley: So we are not making cookies?


    Jack: Anyway.....I brought you guys here because I got a Nasty Plan......

    Ralph: Here we go again.

    Jack; <.< Shut up Ralph.

    Jack: Anyway..... I got a plan on what to do tommorow at class.

    Jack: When we are at Weards class of reanimation.. at exactly 2:30 PM we are going to.........

    <To be continued>
    Part two coming soon!
    Jack: But I never even-
    < Lost connection>

    Thank you for reading this. Credits to....Corpse craft I guess.

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