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    Dread's story.

    Dread's story. Empty Dread's story.

    Post  Touya Meijin on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:34 pm

    I couldn't help but post the story that Dreadshadow send me. So credits to Dread Shadow I guess.

    I'm going to tell you a story. The story is about a girl called Sara. Sara found a message one morning lying on her bed. She had no idea how it got there but how it did, we will not find out. The message said just one word, and that word was "Run". Sara thought it was her little brother pulling a prank on her, but she thought wrong.

    So sara burnt the note before she went to bed. When she woke up she found the same note lying on the bottom of her bed. Again, before she went to bed she burnt the note. The next morning, she found not a note, but a letter. The letter read:

    Sara, i am watching you, if you don't run i will kill you. Don't belive me? Well you are unwise. I will give you till Sunday at mid-night to get as far away from this house as you can.

    Sara did not think this was real, so she carried on with normal life. On sunday at mid-night, she heard a bang from under her bed. She got up and turned her light on. She looked in her mirror on the wall and saw bloody Mary. She smashed the mirror with her hair brush and looked under the bed. Nothing. Then the light flickered and went out. She thought that the light bulb had just died. She was wrong.
    "I told you to run Sara, but you did not. I told you i would kill, you, and your life ends here."
    Sara turned around and saw a Girl wrapped in chains with blood dripping down her face. The girl, she guessed, was Mary. She belived now. Mary had a knife in her hand, a real knife, and stabbed Sara in the stomache nice and slowley, so Sara felt it. Sara screamed and slowly bled to death.

    This is my(Dread's) Story. I hope you enjoyed it and like I said: Credits to DreadShadow.

    Dread's story. Empty Re: Dread's story.

    Post  DreadShadow™ on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:40 pm

    I won't take the credit. A person send that chain message to me. xD
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    Dread's story. Empty Re: Dread's story.

    Post  The Hamburger on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:44 pm


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    Dread's story. Empty Re: Dread's story.

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