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    [Game] Robo Defuser

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    [Game] Robo Defuser Empty [Game] Robo Defuser

    Post  The Hamburger on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:46 pm

    [Game] Robo Defuser Robodefuser_t
    Robo Defuser

    [Game] Robo Defuser Robodefuser A game of ilinx that disorientates you with a creative control system.
    Bombs must be 'defused' (touched) before their timer runs out - a task that requires mastery of the controls.
    lack of any change in game-state (difficulty levels are changed
    instantly by us so we can access the highest difficulty straight away
    if we so wish) puts the focus firmly on the play. Process-based rather
    than goal-based.

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