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    [Game] Traveller IQ

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    [Game] Traveller IQ Empty [Game] Traveller IQ

    Post  The Hamburger on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:43 pm

    [Game] Traveller IQ Travelleriq_t
    Traveller IQ

    [Game] Traveller IQ Travelleriq Locations are given and - as fast and exactly as you can - you must click that location on a map.
    essentially just a quiz, an excellent difficulty curve, just the right
    number of questions (few enough to find an obvious advantage in
    replaying; enough to need more than a few games) and the pressure of a
    time limit all keep the game exciting.
    I've only managed to get to level 8 so far (score 252,775 IQ 100) but one day I will beat this game. Oh yes. One day.
    presentation could be made a bit more exciting but I've seen no other
    game as enjoyable, despite educational values. One day, I will beat
    this, despite my terrible knowledge of geography.

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