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    [Game] You Have to Burn the Rope

    The Hamburger
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    The Supreme Hamburger

    [Game] You Have to Burn the Rope

    Post  The Hamburger on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:42 pm

    You Have to Burn the Rope

    A silly little game that has an absurd amount of polish, despite being only a few minutes long.
    Like Penn & Teller's Desert Bus
    minigame on their unrelease minigame compilation, YhtBtR could be
    considered an example of 'meta-humour' in that its very existence is
    part of the joke - the joke existing in 'the real world' - outside the
    game. Unlike Desert Bus, however, it's actually fun to play through.
    Play it, enjoy it, move on.

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